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Our Purpose 

Our reason to provide

Lulu Island Chess was created to popularize chess in the Richmond Community. Our purpose is to create a platform where chess enthusiasts can come together and interact with each other. We strive to create a community where players can share their knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Our Commitment to Coaching

What to expect from our coaching staff

Our coaching staff consists of a group of young expert class players. We are committed to building a new generation of chess players using modern resources. Our goal as chess coaches is to teach our students how to think effectively and apply their knowledge on the chess board. We strive to educate our students on how to teach themselves as these are valuable techniques on and off the board. 

Our Goals

What you will see starting Summer of 2023

  • Monthly Tournaments hosted by Lulu Island Chess

  • Weekly chess meetups at local parks in Richmond

  • Weekly chess classes 

Our goal is to provide a consistent space for players to gather and play the game we all love and enjoy. Currently, we are in the works of finding a comfortable outdoor space for players to meet up during the summer. 

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