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FIDE Approved Chess Clock

Fully FIDE and US Chess compliant, this affordable clock is easy to set. Each of the presets are labeled underneath the clock and the box it comes in. The FIDE time controls are circled so you can differentiate them very easily. All of the presets can be changed and the clock can save one user created setting with up to 4 additional time controls. The clock displays are angled very well for the players to see. The raised lever indicates whose turn it is by revealing red plastic. The on off switch is located underneath the clock so it cannot accidentally trigger during the game.


Model Number:KK9908


Key Presets:

01.(5 min blitz)

02.(25 min rapid)

03.(90+30 Standard)

08.(3+2 blitz)

09.(5+3 blitz)

10. (15+10 rapid)


This Fide Chess Clock is the most affordable fide regulated chess clock on the market.

Fide Approved Chess Clock

C$55.00 Regular Price
C$45.00Sale Price
  • Most affordable fide regulated chess clock on the market.

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